Vero Schürr

Vero is a multilingual experiential designer and founder of vs.designlab, a London based design studio who devise, design and deliver bespoke creative narratives for your event, visitor experience or exhibition which go beyond mere broadcast and story telling to deliver a truly immersive experience.



Eddy Akpinar

Teresa Katharina Binder

Gregor Holzinger & Adam Orlinski

Alexandra Maringer

Alexandra Maringer is an Austrian scenographer living in Paris. She studied architecture in Vienna and Paris, but soon started to intermingle with other art disciplines like film, theatre, photography, literature and graphic design. All this synthesized summa cum laude into her thesis „film_architektur" (discussing the boundaries between architecture made for the real world and architecture for a film). For more than 15 years now she especially enjoys creating for different scenographic fields: films, plays, TV shows, events, exhibitions, trade fairs, art installations, … This way she constantly switches between different tasks (production-, exhibition-, stage- or graphic design), each one inspiring her for the others.

Marlene Penz

Marlene is a textile designer and artist based in Austria. Along the way she studied Art History and Fashion in Vienna. Always into a broad variety of arts she started to study at the University for Art and Industrial Design in Linz/ Austria. Her program is not to follow any established techniques or the paradigms of standardised beauty in order to convey emotion. After all, in art it´s all about speaking out the unspoken and perhaps the unspeakable. With this approach moments, feelings, colours and light seemlessly transpose and translate into installations, pictures, sculptures and of course, her beloved textile works.

Michaela Schwentner

My piece for PQ is inspired by my work as a video artist and filmmaker. The panel consists of different pieces of fabric and 3 facsimiles of one of my most recent works “LOST IN PARADISE (BORGES' DISCOMFORT)”. It is a photographic multiprocessed work series made of b/w prints, photographed prints and copied photographs showing some of my plants.

Stefania Strouza

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Josef Prenner for the installation and his incredible last-minute support. Clementine Dergq for assiting with installation and maintenance. Chloë Bonet for organising things in Prague. Nanna Neudeck for assisting with the organisation and curation. Daniel Schürr for lending his car. Joanna Cordero and Maarten Speekenbrink for assistance with re-editing the book. Waltraud Strommer and the team from the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague for making this possible and for welcoming us in Prague.



Christoph Fischer

Jenny Schleif

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