The Golden Triga Award

All works exhibited at the PQ in the individual sections will be judged and assessed by an international jury. The PQ Council will appoint the international jury, in consulation with the Organizer of the PQ.


1/ The following awards are given out by the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic at the recommendation of the international jury:

a/ Golden Triga for the Best Exposition (according to the Concept of the PQ);
b/ Gold Medal for the Best Stage Design;
c/ Gold Medal for the Best Theatre Costume;
d/ Gold Medal for the Best Realization of a Production;
e/ Gold Medal for the Best Work in Theatre Architecture and Performance Space;
f/ Gold Medal for the Best Use of Theatre Technology;
g/ Gold Medal for the Best Exposition in the Student Section;
h/ Gold Medal for the Most Promising Talent in the Student Section;
i/ Gold Medal for the Best Curatorial Concept of an Exposition.

The Jury may decide to not award one or more of these awards.

2/ The Jury may award a Special Jury Award (one or more), or, in cooperation with other international organizations, may decide to present an award on behalf of that organization, for any work presented in the PQ, both in the competitive section and accompanying projects.