Theme 2015: “SharedSpace: Music Weather Politics”

Scenography as Shared Space: Introduction

In the last years there have been many dramatic world events in the shape of large gatherings of people connecting to express their will and needs. These gatherings have shown the power of live meetings of people as well as the need of people to use theatricality as their way of expressing (acting, masking, building temporary structures). It is time to rethink theatre as (what thinker Alan Read calls) ‘the last human venue’ – place where living people have living connections – and where large groups of people come to share realities: narratives and experiences as well as potential possibilities: fiction and fantasy. Prague Quadrennial 2015 aims to revisit the power of theatre and imaginary and discover the powers and responsibilities of scenography that use, yet exceed the theatrical.

PQ ‘15 invites participants to explore scenography as performative environment that influences not only spatial relations of elements of performance but also determines mental relations (narrative, social, past or future) as well as relations between the performance and audience in contemporary theatre.

PQ ‘15 aims to explore scenography as SharedSpace – space that influences (designs) relationships between people, space that provides room for relating, and more than anything space that provides place for sharing – sharing of ideas, stories, and of social responsibilities.

PQ ‘15 aims to revisit theatrical – imaginary, visionary and non-existent as creative socio-political power.

PQ ‘15 aims to discover invisible scenographies – environments that influence us deeply although they are intangible – through proposing Music Weather and Politics as main themes for the scenography exhibition of Section of Countries and Regions.

PQ ‘15 aims to focus on the making – and the relationship between the Makers (scenographer-artist) – the Space (performance architecture) and the Objects (products with stories) within three additional exhibitions.

PQ ‘15 aims to play with situating, relating and gathering of people to provide for inclusive spaces and projects.

PQ ‘15 will happen in multiple spaces in the very center of Prague and invites visitors to think locally (exploring the specific of the local) in the connection with the city both when working on presentations from their country and when exhibiting in the specific places in Prague.

Share the experience, share the viewing, share responsibility – share space!