Other Exhibitions

The artistic concept of PQ 2015 includes not only expositions of countries and regions, but also various project formats enabling the participation of individual artists. For further Information send an e-mail to info@pqaustria.org.

Until 28 October 2014 individuals and art groups can submit proposals via this form to the following PQ 2015 projects:


The Objects Exhibition aims to exhibit props and their stories, and is commissioned by the artist/architect Tomáš Svoboda (CZ). Not only the props themselves but also their stories will be exhibited by means of video installation in which the stories will be told by people that submitted the prop. This open call is designated for professional artists, students and wide public.

Watch the curator’s video.


The Makers Exhibition is an experimental live exhibition aiming to exhibit the living makers in the act of making. Artists are invited to make and serve food design with theatrical theme within live performance during PQ 2015.This open call is designated for professional artists.

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The Tribes Exhibition is a costume happening in the center of Prague. The Tribes are specific groups of people with authentic masks and their own choreography. Tribes will be invited to follow a designated route through more and less public spaces in the center of the city. Each Tribe will have an opportunity to present a 10 minutes performance on a public space stage. This open call is designated for professional artists and students.

Watch the curator’s video.

Deadlines: 28 October 2014



The SpaceLab is educational project of PQ 2015 designed for students of art schools. As a part of this project, students may apply for the following projects:

DISK Performances:
Current students and recent graduate companies can submit own performances. We encourage work with a strong visual element, it can be high technology to no technology; it can be designed with a promenade or seated audience.

Street Performances:
Students and young artists from across the fields of visual and performing arts may propose projects (performances, live installations, circus) using the street as a canvas to the work.

Deadlines: 28 October 2014