Student Section

  • Lapidarium Bethlehem Chapel Prague
  • Lapidarium Bethlehem Chapel Prague
  • Lapidarium Bethlehem Chapel Prague


The Student Section traditionally occupies an important place within the PQ. It is a competitive exhibition of art schools from around the world focusing on theater, art and architecture.

Curators of the Student Section are invited to focus on the main subjects/aims/themes of the PQ 2015 but are also given space for innovation, for the free play of their students. We encourage presentations that include: more than one school, dialogue between schools (nationally or internationally), different types of schools (theatre, visual art, and architecture schools) as well as dialogue between students and professionals. We also encourage a dialogue with other Austrian contributions and/or a response to the topic of “home”.

The Austrian Curator of the PQ 2015 for Austria, Vero Schürr, has already secured a space for our students and universities. Further details of this space can be found in the information pack.

The PQ offers great exposure and provides students and tutors alike with an international outlook and contacts. It is also an excellent opportunity for Universities to show their quality of teaching and promote their institution. Note that there are no restrictions to the field of study for any part-taking university. It is an empty canvass with international attention that invites to experiment.

If you are a student rather than a university, you can either convince your institute or tutor of this great opportunity or use the space for a collaborative effort of individual students.

Register your interest until 15 November 2014 via this form. The delivery of the project is not due until end of May 2015.